Webbed Valve and Seats

Bonded and Replaceable Full-Open Valve and Seat

Full Open roughneck style valve is designed for maximum flow characteristics. GPM full open drilling valves combine the strength of a forged alloy steel upper body with precision casting to minimize flow restriction and fluid turbulence.

  • The forged, solid valve body construction, of this valve, with thick, rigid seat, provides durability at high pressures.
  • The single piece, solid body construction of this valve provides the strength and rigidity needed for high pressure drilling operations in the 5,000 to 7,500 psi (34.5 to 51.7MPa) range
  • The snap on, polyurethane insert on standard replaceable. A non-replaceable bonded insert upgrade is available. Various insert styles and materials are available to suit any drilling condition.
  • Standard polyurethane inserts are good for 170° to 180°F (77° to 82°C) drilling temperatures. The high temperature is specified for all drilling operations up to and exceeding 300°F/7500psi, suitable for water or oil-based muds. Shelf life of polyurethane insert is 5 years.